Thanks for your support for raising money for the GPRA-project. Auction no 1.

Ann (Anscot) Central Qld, Australia
Malcolm Hart (Hartmere), UK
Margo & Ian Nixon (Japaro), Scotland
Miss Jean Armour, Scotland.
Margaret Dobson, UK
John & Leslie Tanks (Shelbrae), Australia
Stacey Bennett, Australia
Marja Vepsalainen, Finland
Bethia Tennyson, Bethalice Kennels, Australia
Jenny Herd (Glenmurry), Australia
Jean Fitzsimons (Snabswood), UK
Alfredo Gili, Italy
Val Woolley, UK
Bill & Lexie Aberline (Aberjoy), Australia
Jenny & John Whitfield, UK
Leonie Clarke, Prosper Shelties, New Zealand
Bob Barlo, America
Beth Shaw (Clanshaw), Canada
Brit-Unni, Rolf & Hanne Bolgnes (Thoco), Norway
Pat Ferrell, USA


Grete Olavessen, Norway
Chris Luxford, Australia
Ed Dyson, Holland
LiseLotte Norrbblom, Sweden
Anne Grönholm Isola, Finland
Tove Olsen, Norway
Anna Uthorn, Sweden
Ingrid Myklebostad, Norway
Petrine Limkin, Australia
Evelyne Schewein, Holland
Finn Helge Olsen, Norway
Lexie Aberline, Australia
Lyn Pearson, Australia
Ann-Cathrin Johannessen, Norway
Evelyne Scwheiin, Holland
Rachelle Thomas, Australia
Arnhild Markussen, Norway
Lexie Aberline, Australia
Hanne Bolgnes, Norway
Sylvia Van der Vlies, Holland
Amy J Mc Knight
The list of Buyers will be updated  after the money are received into any of the GPRA-accounts.

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