PEDIGREE FOR:     Creardon's Stella (SPR, Slowly Progressive Retinopathy)
23.02.2004, Aas, Ruth Anne (vet). Attest from this eyetest
01.03.2006, Ropstad, Ernst-otto (vet). Attest from this eyetest
30.08.2006, Ropstad, Ernst-otto (vet). Attest from this eyetest
17.03.2016, Ropstad, Ernst-otto (vet). Attest from this eyetest
Sex: Female, tricolour SPR (Slowly Progressive Retinopathy) 17.03.2016
Born: 10.01.2004 Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Reg: 16426/04 Country: Norway

Creardon's Bobby Marnham One and Only Shelridge Flashdance Ruscombe Play the Piper Ruscombe Pipe Major
Ruscombe Runabout to Gemette
Morestyle Star Dancer at Shelridge Morestyle Black Comet
Morestyle Azure With Shelridge
Marnham Silver Wisp Felthorn Button Boy Pepperhill Naughty But Nice
Felthorn Button Moon
Marnham Midnight Miss Ruscombe Play the Piper
Kelgrove Blue Gem at Marnham
Cingaro's Sweet Blue Zandy Lundecock's Zany From Sweden GB Int Nord Ch Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe Ruscombe Pipe Major
Reubicia Blue Rose
S Ch Gordon Bell Mistral Wind Nightwind Moonshiner
Gordon Bell Mistrals Daughter
Cingaro`s Sweet Cherry N S Ch Romlingen's Great Gimmick Eastdale Classic Clown
Tooniehill Harvest Queen
Karmells`s Cladya Miss Arin's Boogydancer
Stall Rohlan's Elizabeth
Creardon's Lassie Creardon's Lucky Luke N Uch Northway's Charlie Brown Int Nord Uch NordV-84 Mondurle's Bannock Francehill Andy Pandy
Stationhill Yolanda
Int N S Uch NV88 Woodshelter's Wishfull Zaza Lythwood Stiletto
Woodshelter's Cream Caramel
Medallion's Karisma The Only Medallion's Don Quiqot Shambles At Tegwel
Top Hill's Kentucky Sweet Melody
Top Hill's Noble Design Brightline Daily-Crofter
Top Hill's Holey-Peperoni
Goosthouse Gainful Star Dixie Evros Play a Joke S Ch Evros Indian Summer Shelandale Blacksmith
Eastdale Dazzling Dream
Lynnfield Alexandra Lythwood Steptoe
Lythwood Sonata
Evros Kimberley Desert Int Nord Dk Uch NV-97 Eastdale Just Remember (OX) Mascot
Eastdale Just You
Eastdale Dazzling Dream Thoco´s Buccaneer
Westpark Bronze Margery

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