The PRA-project June 2007

From earlier information a new scanning of the blood tests are made preparations for. The first scanning did unfortunately not give any good hint where in the dogs genetic material the researcher should look to find the actual gene for PRA in shelties.

As we have mentioned earlier it might be various reasons why it has not been any brakethrough. The most important reason might be that the amount of collected material of blood samples from PRA-dogs still is low. Other reasons which has an influence on the analyses can also be diagnosis certainty etc. Before the new scanning should start it was important to include so many blood tests from PRA-dogs as possible.

In this connection we were waiting for the blood test from the latest PRA-case Smedjenäs Chinook. We were waiting for this for 3 months from the breeder, but the test never came, and in the end the only result was the message that the dog was dead. This delayed the new scanning for 3 months, which was very sad for the Project.

The genetic analysis are generally carried through in two stages. In the first stage a preliminary "scanning" from all the dogs genetic regions are examined. If this first stage gives any guiding principles, the search will go further and look for one or more less genetic regions which seems interesting.

This is the preliminary "scanning" which already has been consistent, without giving any good guiding principles.

The project hopes "for better luck" for the new scanning, even if the number of PRA-tests still is low. It is therefore very important for the project to get blood tests from any new cases

This must NOT be concluded with being hopeless, it will just be more difficult to reach the goal.

In the meantime we must be optimistic and hope for new leads in very near future connected to the next scanning, and the Project members have full attention on pedigrees connected to PRA-carriers.

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