The GPRA-project February 2008


Updated information about the GPRA-research in Shetland Sheepdog

It has been quiet about the GPRA-project for a while. This doesn't mean nothing happens with the project, it is still good hope that we in the future will find a gene-test for this disease.

In the beginning of the year 2007, a preliminary analysis of the blood samples was done. These analysis did not give any clear track about where to find the sick gene, but this analysis did make it clear that there is two challenges in this project.

One of these challenges is that we still have quite a few blood samples of GPRA-shelties, this make it difficult to make safe analysis. The other challenge is some "unsure diagnosis". These two factors is the main reason why the PRA-gene not has been found yet.

An repeat analysis done late in 2007, gives some optimism, but we still have challanges about the numbers of blood-samples, and the unsure diagnosis.

If we can get have some more blood-samples from GPRA-shelties with certain diagnosis, this will likelihood increase the Project to get a positive result. We have an optimism about it, and ask you all to contribute in the way that "suspicious dogs" will be eye tested, and to help us to get more GPRA-dogs with unfailing diagnosis for the Project.

We ask that all dogs who get the diagnostic with GPRA, to have a second opinion from another eye tester. The GPRA-committee can help you to find the name of an eye tester in your district, to get in contact with.

The best, and 100% safest test, is if the PRA-dog can be ERG-tested. This can be done at the Norwegian Veterinary High School. ERG-tests can also be done in Sweden and Finland.

February 2008:

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's GPRA-Committee

Account number to the GPRA-project in Norway:
Address for bank transfer from abroad:
The PRA-Project, Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Club
Den Norske Bank, Farmannsgaten 2, N-1600 Fredrikstad, Norway
Account number: 5010.05.65517 - Swift-address: DNB ANO KK FRE

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