PEDIGREE FOR:     (XX) Schibbolets Glorius Gem
(OX) = Known carrier of GPRA
(XX) = GPRA-diagnosis
Sex: Female, sable Diagn. GPRA 21.12.2004  
Born: 22.10.1997 Breed: Shetland Sheepdog  
Reg: S56165/97 Country: Sweden  

(OX) S N Ch Mascot S N Ch Thoco's Buccaneer (OX) Int Nord Ch Shelfrect Stroller GB Ch Midnitesun Justin Time Midnitesun Good News
Midnitesun Party Piece
GB Ch Shelfrect Sunlit Suzanne Shelfrect Sunspark
Shelfrect Sunhali
Int Nord Ch Thoco's Little Image Lover Int Nord Ch NordV-81 V-82 Ingleside Copper Image Shelfrect Mr Softee
Golden Galaxy of Ingleside
Nord Ch Thoco's Indian Image Monkreddan Super Boy
Thoco's Sugar Baby
S Ch Eastdale Endless Golden Pearl Int Nord Uch NordV-84 Mondurle's Bannock GB Ch Francehill Andy Pandy Francehill Persimon
Francehill Frangipani
Stationhill Yolanda Shelridge Gatecrasher
Stationhill Red Goddess
S Ch Westpark Bronze Margery Int Nord Ch Westpark Caradoc (OX) Shelfrect Stroller
Ingleside Golden Cascade
Westpark Bronge Marjorie Ingleside Invincible
Moorwood Bright Fable
(OX) Shibbolets Bonny Bronze Bermarks Rock'N'Roll Glenmist True Vision GB Ch Scylla Scottish Rifle Rhinog the Gay Lancer
Scylla Starry Halo
Glenmist Swinging Style Jefsfire Jayare
Glenmist Our Style
Int S N Ch Sereena of Tegwel GB Ch Lythwood Skymaster Sandpiper of Sharvel
Lythwood Snaffey
Allanvail Gold Pearl of Tegwel Edglonian Minstrel Boy Of Newsprig
Allanvail Gold Blossom
Fagetts Amor Teddyvail's Noble Action Moorwood Progress Gold Rodhill Clouded Moorland
Bifrosts Sea Jewel
Smedjenäs Lorraine Forestland Thunder
Snabswood Sea Witch
Fagetts Ariette Moorwood Loyal Celebrity (OX) Shelfrect Stroller
Ingleside Golden Cascade
Fagetts Morning Light Rhinog The Guardian
Moorwood Bright Feather

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