PEDIGREE FOR:     (XX) Smedjenäs Chinook
(OX) = Known carrier of GPRA
(XX) = GPRA-diagnosis
Sex: Male, sable & white Diagn. GPRA 10.01.2007
Born: 19.08.2001 Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Reg: S51149/2001 Country: Sweden

(OX) Smedjenäs Little King LP S LCH SUCH Smedjenäs Dreamboy S Ch Forestland Thunder S Ch Forestland Thor Greenscrees Nobleman
Forestland Honeysuckle
Forestland Saffron Sumburgh Golden Fleece
Forestland Black Rocket
Smedjenäs Mocca S Ch Smedjenäs Sunny Playboy Sumburgh Sunny Jim
Smedjenäs Golden Tassa
Smedjenäs Black Trixie Lindaslätts Gavott
Smedjenäs Golden Winddust
Smedjenäs Creola Smedjenäs Optimist Teddyvail's Noble Action Moorwood Progress Gold
Smedjenäs Lorraine
Smedjenäs Karamia Allanvail Gold Tradition
Snabswood Sea Witch
Lythwood Snaffey GB Ch Lythwood Snaffels Mistmere Marching Orders
Drannoc Silhouette of Lythwood
Lythwood Spree Heathlow Harvest Time at Lythwood
Lythwood Sundorne
(OX) Smedjenäs Thilde Sunborne Tackling The Testy Tiller Ch Groli's Front-Dreamer Ch Moorwood Handsome Frontrunner Nigma Saffron
Moorwood Sunblest Dream
Windmoor's Perfect Playmate Moorwood Handsome Destiny
Windmoor's Royal Harvest
Linnfield's South Surpreme N Ch Philhope Shoestring Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere
Philhope Vanity Fayre
Linnfield's Endless Love Shmoon Sportsman
Sunborne Midnight Brilliant
Tiona Jane Seymour Of King (OX) Smedjenäs Little King LP S LCH SUCH Smedjenäs Dreamboy Forestland Thunder
Smedjenäs Mocca
Smedjenäs Creola Smedjenäs Optimist
Lythwood Snaffey
Tiona Cindy Of Chambles Shambles At Tegwel Lythwood Sandbagger of Tegwel
Allanvail Gold Fantasy
Tiona Lady-Alisia Teddyvail's Noble-Action
Garrmia Ödina

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