Information from the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club
(NSSK) about the PRA-prosjektet, May 2002

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club are now responsible for the PRA-project in Norway. We are very thankful for the enormous work Norunn Jakobsen has done about research for the project in advance.

Simon Petersen-Jones, Assistant Professor Michigan State University in USA, has been contacted, and he and his team are willing to help us with the investigation.

We know it is possible to find the DNA-gene for PRA in Shetland Sheepdogs, but it needs blood samples, money and patience.

MGA - the Norwegian Veterinarian Institute's "gen-test-central" / with veterinarian and gen-expert Frode Lingaas, work with the safety of quality on DNA-tests for hereditary diseases in dogs.

MGA is the short name for Institute on "Morfologi, Genetic and Akvatisk biologi" with the Norwegian Veterinarian Institute, and its function will be like a Central for receiving the bloodsamples, further sending abroad to the research team, and registration of samples and diagnoses.

Frode Lingaas, who is the responsible person of this Central, are interested in helping us with advices, taking care of the bloodsamples MGA receive, and to have further contact with Simon Petersen-Jones in US to get correct information about the best way to handle this investigation. The Norwegian Veterinarian Institute will also be a part of this research project.

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club has opened an particular Bank account, where sheltieowners and breeders can give money for the fundation of the PRA-project. NSSK already has placed the amount of NOK 20.000,- into this account. People who already has been in contact telling they want to give money for the project: now you can do it!

The plan is to make a List for the website, with name on people who has given money for the PRA-project. If you do not want your name on this website, you still can give money - just tell us that you don't want your name listed.

The account are opened in the name: "PRA-project" in The Norwegian Bank (DNB), account number 5010 05 65517. This account will be audited separatly from an certified accountant once a year.

What first has to happen, recommended from Frode Lingaas, is to map all dogs who might be of interest to get bloodsamples from. What is wanted - in the way it is possible - is the PRA-affected dogs, their progenys, littermates, and parents.

We will be very glad to hear from owners of the shelties with PRA, or close relatives to these, who are willing to be a part of this project with bloodsamples (please Email to:

We also will contact the Chairmen of Sheltie Club's in the Nordic countries to discuss how we together can find a way to handle this project, who can lead to a future DNA-key to map carriers of PRA in Shetland Sheepdogs.

Best regards from
Ingrid Myklebostad

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