Status of the PRA-project after the meeting at The Norwegian High School (NVH) in June is very positive.

All family charts with the blood samples to match it was gone through, dog by dog. Not all families are as good as others when it comes to the collected blood samples, but some families have, after hard work, turned out very good. In other families we are still missing a few blood samples, which are essential to have to complete the families, but we have good faith to succeed with this too.

At the writing point (September 2005) we have about EUR 104.600 at the PRA-project disposal. NVH want the account to be nearly EUR 128.000 to start the research. This might sound a lot of money, but the reason is that NVH want to secure 3 years research if necessary. If we succeed to have this amount, or nearly the amount, the research will start 1. January 2006!! We will of course to everything to succeed.

Nobody says that it has to take 3 years to identify the PRA-gene. We might absolutely reach the desired result before that time, but it would be very annoying if the research had to stop because the money runs out. NVH therefore want to secure the research by having the mentioned amount for 3 years work.

We do not have to transfer all the money in one step, it can and will be transferred step by step.

If the PRA-gene will be identified and we still have money left, this amount will be used to test exposed PRA-families which will help the breed. Therefore no money will be wasted.

What will happen now? Yes, we will give every stitch of canvas - because - we want and we will succeed!

To day we can see the result from what we together have worked for since the start in 2002. We will now call on everyone to support this project, both the different sheltie clubs in all countries, breeders and individuals to support the PRA-project with money. Even they who have given a contribution earlier, please reconsider and see if it is possible to support the project even more. In this way we are sure we can raise the rest of the required money. Different Clubs in many countries, district representatives, breeders and individuals have collected money for the project by different actions. We believe that if we now together can give all-out effort, we will reach the goal.

PRA is not a big problem in our breed today, but we may absolutely have a big problem in the future if we do not stop the development of the disease. We must always remember that the breed should be positive to market and there is no reason not to, but today's breeders hold the responsibility how the breed will develop in the future. All the pedigrees in our breed come from the same gene pool, therefore it concerns all of us - in the whole world.

If you want more information about the project, this can be found at the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's website:

You may also contact NSSK - Ingrid Myklebostad -

Account number to the PRA-project in Norway:
Address for bank transfer from abroad:
The PRA-Project, Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Club
Den Norske Bank, Farmannsgaten 2, N-1600 Fredrikstad, Norway
Account number: 5010.05.65517 - Swift-address: DNB ANO KK FRE

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