Facts about the PRA-project May 2003

This photo shows frozen blood tests                                   This photo shows blood test from a single dog

DNA - cromosome - Marker

A dog has 78 pair of cromosomes. 39 cromosomes from the mother and  39 cromosomes from the father.

The cromosomes have vary length, and are operating in pair, where cromosomes in the same pair are very similar in length and function region.

Two and two cromosomes have identical function regions which means that the two cromosomes contents genetic information of the same type of characteristic.

The different genes have a certain position at the cromosomes. That means the gene for a certain characteristic ( in this matter the characteristic for PRA ) always is to be found at the same spot on the cromosome, and because the cromosome appears in pair almost are identical, an individual will always have two spots for a certain gene, one at each cromosome. 

Each cromosome have many markers, one for each characteristic. The research to find the marker for the PRA-gene  will be to make DNA-profiles from the blood tests, and compare with each other. It is of course not an easy job to find such a marker.

The process will be to exchange DNA-profiles with genetics in England and USA, with a mutual benefit  for the researchers involved.

The main research will take place at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, with professor Frode Lingaas in charge and responsible for the project.

Fund raising money

To start the process to find the PRA-gene is of course expensive, no doubt about that.  In addition to the PRA-fund, with help from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, we will apply for research money from the Norwegian Research Council.

The foundation to apply for such money from this authority, is to prove the effort of achievement, both by own contribution and by collected blood samples. Own contribution by work with the project will also be possible to realize in value, from the Research Council to the benefit of the PRA-project. The better participate from many countries the better chance we will have to grant such resources. This application must be applied for before 15th June, and the answer will be available in the late autumn 2003.

In the meantime we will collect more blood samples and we will do our best to supply the project with more money by information and encouraging as many as possible to take part in the process.

To day (1st Mai 2003) we have 47 blood tests. We need approximately 30 more, all tests must be from PRA-families. We do not need scattered tests, blood concentrated from PRA-families gives the best information.

We have been informed of that we up to now have worked in the right direction to be able to start the project hopefully not too far off.

Let us all work together with the important project for our breed!


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