The PRA-project pr. April 2005

 News: The meeting is postphoned, new date: June 28th.

A meeting between NSSK and The Norwegian Veterinary School will find place in the end of April.

All the blood tests and PRA-families will be evaluated to find out if we need more tests from certain PRA-families.

It will then be decided if the research shall start with the material and money we have up to date.

A very "good" PRA-family, with many gathered blood tests turned out to be a non PRA-family, as the PRA-dog was retested with negative result. The dog was ERG-tested negative too. Happily enough for the line connected to the dog, but the blood tests must be replaced with other tests.

We have received signals from Finland about having blood tests from Finnish PRA-dogs and their families in the end of April. Those tests will be a helpful contribution to the project.

We will come back with more information after the meeting in the end of April.

In the meantime we hope for even more money to the PRA-account to secure the research for about 4 year if that is necessary.


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