PRA-project – March 2006
The PRA-project has reached the goal! The research has started.

Sorting the blood tests and strategy for the research itself is on the agenda at the Norwegian Veterinary High School these days.

They hope to employ an experienced researcher during March who will work to find the gene for PRA in shetland sheepdogs. Professor Frode Lingaas will be responsible for the research and supervise it all.

They will obtain experience from other universities which already have found the DNA-gene for PRA in other breeds. They will also take advantage of the latest technology in the work to find the gene as soon as possible.

It is difficult to state a time perspective in the research process but we must hope that the time will work in a positive direction.

Thank you so much every one of you who has supported the project with small or big contribution. It has been an indispensable effort from many people and all of you have been a very important element for coming so far!

On behalf of the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club and the PRA-committee we want to express our gratefulness to everyone!

It is in all probability that more cases of PRA will be diagnosed. We therefore will need money for blood tests and eye testing in the future for a possibly new family.

Some blood tests have to be paid from the project money and we therefore need income for that. From this reason we still hope for small contribution also in the future.

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's PRA-project

Account number to the PRA-project in Norway:
Address for bank transfer from abroad:
The PRA-Project, Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Club
Den Norske Bank, Farmannsgaten 2, N-1600 Fredrikstad, Norway
Account number: 5010.05.65517 - Swift-address: DNB ANO KK FRE

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