Will the PRA-project continue? This is for you to decide!

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8th October we are going to have a new meeting at the Veterinary Institute in connection with the proceeding development of the project.

Last meeting, 2nd September, we went through pedigrees and which dogs were best suitable to have a blood test from.

A financing plan was also discussed for the research workers.

The preliminary stage of the project showed that a certain number of people wanted to support the project with money.

If you visit this link, you will see the site with the donators names and the total amount of money for the project up to date.

We are quite sure that even more people want to donate money when you realise that the project to day is reality.

To day is 2nd October, what is to days status?

- This is up to you! Shall we proceed?

We can not ask for blood tests before we know that we have enough money to start Fase 1. The amount to day is not enough for the research workers.

At this stage it is TO BE or NOT TO BE if we continue the PRA-Project.

Remember: It is not the size of the donation who counts only, it is also the support!
IF the project should not be realised, everyone will have their money back.

Please see below, to find the account numbers for donations.

Bank accounts for the PRA-project:

The Norwegian Bank (DnB), Norway, account number 5010 05 65517

The Norwegian Bank ASA Filial, Sweden,
account number
9198 0430006, Bank account: 5465-5667

Kind regards

If you have questions, e-mail: myklebostad@online.no


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