This is a certificate to show that your donation has been received.
Thanks also to breeders and sheltieowners who pay the costs for blood samples and eye tests themself, without using money from the project's income. These names also will be to find at this "Thank you site" (with no "plus" at the total amount, since the money alreay are spend!). Foreign valuta are calculated into NOK - with the course valued for the day the website is updated.

The banner can be copied to the donator's home page with a LINK
to the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's PRA-site.

Norwegian Kennel Club's Forskningsfond has donated money for the project in 2004 and 2005.

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

The Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

The Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

The Finnish Shetland Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

The English Shetland Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

Nederlandse Sheltie Vereining / The Dutch Sheltie Club has donated money for the project

The Mid Western Sheepdog Club has donated money for the project

Shetland Sheepdog Club
of Victoria Inc. has donated money for the project

The Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Wales has donated money for the project

Members of Club für Britische
Hütehunde has donated
money for the project

Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club
has donated
money for the project

Swedish Kennel Club has donated money
for the project


The total collected amount for the GPRA-research - with date of 2007-04-30 - is at disposal:
NOK 1.082.117,06 (about 133.226 Euro).

This amount is as followed: Given as legacie for the NSSCs GPRA-project:
2004-01-20, from "Aase Marie Petersen and Hans Peter Petersens fundation":
NOK 100.000,00
and legacies given to The Norwegian High School, marked for the NSSCs GPRA-project:
2004-11-25, from the fundation of "Dyrlege Smidts stiftelse": NOK 150.000,00
2005-06-30, from the fundation of "Astri og Birger Torsteds legat":
NOK 30.000,00
Also transferred to The Norwegian High School from our bank accounts: NOK 582.650,00
And into the Projects accounts - Sv pg: SEK 240.774,96 (= ab NOK 214.761,00) + DnB: NOK 4.706,06

See Bank account numbers for the GPRA-project below.

Thank you so much:

Vinny & Finn Helge Olsen, Norway
Karin Olsson, Sweden
Anne Lise Lindbeck, Norway
Irene Mjelde, Norway
Anne & Rune Haugstvedt, Norway
Lone Pedersen, Denmark
Ranveig, Rolf & Tove Kristiansen, Norway
Sissel Tangnes & Johs Olsen, Norway
Sylvia Ardenstedt, Sweden
Mary Ann Leksebø, Norway
Cecilia Wester, Sweden
Wenche Horgen Rusnak, Norway
Harald & Sigrunn Bjerkevoll, Norway
Signe Andresen, Norway
Randi & Kjell Scheen, Norway
Karin Johansson, Sweden
Christina Jansson, Sweden
Gunn & Thor Hallgrimsen, Norway
Gunn Randberg, Norway
Lene Jensen, Norway
Iris H. Nilsen, Norway
Johnny Andersson, Sweden
Maria Brunzell, Sweden
Grethe W. og Rune Grønvik, Norway
Marita Boström, Sweden
Grete Olavessen & Paul Rilatt, Norway
Ulla & Eva Eriksson, Sweden
Anita Rekdal, Norway
Kristin and Roar Pedersen, Norway
Aase Hansen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Lotte Skriver, Club Show in Köge, DK
Ruth Hansen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Birgit Knudsen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Pia Bramsbye, Club Show in Köge, DK
Bente Bøckehaus, Club Show in Köge, DK
Mona-Lisa Klarström, Sverige
Dan Lindholm, Finland
NSSK - Vestfold (raffles 01.12.02), Norway
Sold Sheltie Christmas Cards
Kirsten Kosinski, Norway
NSSK - Vestfold, Norway
Anna Uthorn, Sweden
Ulla Bergh-Persson, Sweden
Harald Håkonsen, Norway
Inger Sagstuen, Norway
Helena Seefried, Sweden
Lise Lotte Norrblom, Sweden
Maria Edmark, Sweden
Berit Andersson, Sweden
Helena Karlsson, Sweden
Ann-Marie Engström, Sweden
Commision - selling Cancer-pins, Norway
Birte Vollset, Norway
SSSK - Collected in Tjørnbo & Stenungsund, Sweden
Gro Berg-Johansen & Reidun Monsholm, Norway
Lotta Jidegren, Sweden
Kerstin B.Karlsson, Sweden
Taina Axelsson, Sweden
Berit & Jeanette Book, Sweden
Elisabeth Areskoug, Sweden
Kari Olsen, Norway
Britt Helene Hesteun, Norway
Raffles, NSSKs CC-show in Bergen 30.08.03
Jacco & Bianca Heideveld, the Netherlands
Ingrid Matelius, Sweden
Allan Helm, Sweden
Barbro Karlsson, Sweden
Mia Thenander, Sweden
Kennel Westhlover, Sweden
NSSK - Rogaland, Norway
Janne Johansen, Norway
Tove & Jill Hestengen, Norway
Christmas Greetings for the GPRA-project !
Selling Christmas Cards for the GPRA-project

Ingrid Marie Pettersen, Norway
Ewa & Wiggo Nilsen, Norway
Margaret Dobson, UK
Audrey and Tony Bridge, UK
Irene Landberg, Sweden
Ann-Cathrine Hedman & Stefan Lysell, Sweden
Marion ten Cate, Holland
Inger Andersson, Sweden
Lillemor Almersson, Sweden
Eva Berg, Sweden
Lisbeth Moberg, Sweden
Mona Corell, Sweden
Ann-Britt Sjögren, Sweden
Eva Olsson, Sweden
Marianne Risvik & Christian Jensen, Norway
Sheltiemeeting with Barbro Karlsson, Sweden
Midwestern Shetland Sheepdog Club, England
Marion & Mike Withers, Stanydale, England
Janet Fagerberg, Sweden
Helen Letho, Sweden
International Auction no 2 for the GPRA-project
Raffles - Sørlandet - Norway
Raffles - Puppy- & Veteranshow + Show at Lundamo, Norway
Raffles, sheltiemeeting ImaFerrari kennel, Norway
Kennel Seascape, Norway
Monique van Poppel, Holland
Sheltiemeeting, NSSK - Østfold, Norway
Inger & Jan Haakensen, Norge
Raffles - Puppy- & Veteranshow, Norway
Sheltietreff Dalarne, Sweden
SSSC, Sweden
Anita Svenson, Kennel Ximax, Sweden
Bjørg Luther, Norway
Berit Ingegerd Andersson, Sweden
Dala-Gästrike district SSSC, Sweden
Mia & Jocke Ringdahl, Sweden
Raffles - before Christmas 2005, Norway
Selling Christmas Cards for the GPRA-project, 2004
"PRA-auction" SSSC's Breederconference, Sweden
Private raffles before Christmas 2005, Norway
Beatrice Wallden, Sweden
Victoria Lundqvist, Sweden
Annica Nillson, Sweden
Swedish Kennel Club, Sweden
Anne-Lise Gundersen, Norway
Britt Nordland Ottesen, Norway
Annette Lie, Norway
Wenche Gerd Johansen, Norge

Ingrid & Frode Myklebostad, Norway
Aud Jorun & Helge Lie, Norway
Mr. and Mrs. Bosman, Australia
Tove Olsen, Norway
NSSK - Sørlandet, Norway
NSSK - Møre og Romsdal, Norway
NSSK - Vestfold, Norway
Norunn Jakobsen Morvik & Bjørn Morvik, Norway
Christina & Mats Gosbeck, Sweden
Annika & Tommy Söderberg, Sweden
Aina Lundkvist, Norway
Harry & Betty Millhouse, UK
Ann-Cathrin Johannessen, Norway
Debbie Brussaard and Charles Feijen, Netherlands
Annelie Knifsund, Sweden
Gro Nesheim & Thore Lunde, Norway
Liz A. Tangen, Norway
NSSK - Østfold, Norway
NSSK - Rogaland, Norway
NSSK - Hordaland, Norway
Anne og Gunnar Reider, Sweden
Anne Britt W. & Åge Bjørn Olsen, Norway
Eva Svensson, Sweden
Tove Winckler Poulsgaard, Denmark
NSSK - Oslo, Norway
Bjørg Nilsen, Norway
M. B. Biewenga, Netherlands
Ian and Margo Nixon, Scotland
Laila & Bjørn Lauritzen, Norway
Carin Åkesson, Sweden
Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club, Denmark
Lone R. Jørgensen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Aksel & Mona Kops Eriksen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Gunn Pettersson, Club Show in Köge, DK
Käthe Dupont Knoth, Club Show in Köge, DK
Diana Knoth & Karsten Fredriksen, Club Show in Köge, DK
Ingrid & Jan S. Johansen, Norway
Kerstin Magnusson, Sweden
NSSK - Sørlandet, Norway
NSSK - Sørlandet Raffles, Norway
Asbjørg Jonassen, Norway
Tina-Marie Jørgensen, Denmark
Elisabeth & Leif S. Pollestad, Norway
Ingrid & Harald Vestnes, Norway
Norwegian Kennel Club's Forskningsfond, Norway
Finnish Shetland Sheepdog Club, Finland
SSSK-collected at the Annual Meeting + Club Show, Sweden
Swedish Shetland Sheepdog Club, Sweden
NSSK - Østfold, Norway
Lars & Diana Nilsson, Sweden
Aage Pettersen, Norway
Anne og Heidi Baarlid, Norway
The English Shetland Sheepdog Club, UK
Raffles at the Club Show, June 15th 2003, Norway
Nederlandse Sheltie Vereining/The Dutch Shetlie Club, the Netherlands
Members of The Dutch Shetlie Club, the Netherlands
Raffles, the "Dog's Day" in Stavern, NKC-Vestfold, Norway
Aud Kjeldsen, Norway
Lena Gustafsson, Sweden
Kennel Romatomara, 5 % of sellimg a litter, Norway
The Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club, England
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Victoria Inc., Australien
Raffles & Cookie-sale, NSSKs Puppy-/Veteranshow 17.08.03
Maina Gabrielsen, Norway
Monica Sjölund, Sweden
Kennel Gosbäcken - 5 % of selling litters, Sweden
Birgitta Fornstedt, Sweden
Kennel Mainland - 5 % of selling a litter, Norway
Anne Jorunn Granlund, Norway
Raffles - Vestfold 2003-11-28, Norway
Raffles - NKC / Vestfold Puppyshow 2003-11-30, Norway
NSSKs AU, Oslo, Norway
Raffles - NSSK / Telemark, Norway
The Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Wales, England
Raffles - NSSK / Hordaland, Norway
Kennel Sheltibo - Arnhild & O.J. Markussen, with/family & friends, Norway
Kennel ImaFerrari - Christmasmeeting with Raffles, Norway
NSSK Vestfold District - Norway
Rannveig Kjemphol, Norway
International Auction no 1 for the GPRA-project
Sheltie News, Germany
Raffles - Sørlandet - Norway
Karin Hedberg, Sweden
Margareta Eklund, Sweden
Marie Hansson, Sweden
Marianne Gustafsson, Sweden
Elly Gordin, Sweden
Kennel PM Quality's, Sweden
SSSC Västra Distrikt, Sweden
Elisabeth Handmark, Sweden
DSSC, Denmark
SSSC, Sweden
Raffles NSSKs Club Show 12.06.04, Bogstad Camping, Norway
Mr. Jim & Mrs. Jenny Martin, England
Annica Rosander, Sweden
Money for the Project - raffles managed by Revetal Hund & Katt
The Dutch Sheltie Club, another donation for the project
Christmas Greetings for the GPRA-project, December 2004

Selling Christmas Cards for the GPRA-project, 2004
Bewelys kennel, Sweden
Marja Anneli Rantalainen, Finland
Ann-Britt Fredricson, Sweden
Raffles - NSSKs Club Show, Lundamo, Norway
Night Ninja's Kennel, Kate og Pär Johnsson, Sweden
Kerstin Karlsson, Sweden
Inger Krogstad og Gunnar Lundemo, Norway
Wenche Elisabeth Jensen, Norway
Norwegian Kennel Club's Forskningsfond, Norway
SSSC Stockholm, Sweden
Members, Club für Britische Hütehunde has donated money for the project
Andrea Ramsl, Black Delight Shelties, Germany
Petra Stier, Shelties von Berwangen, Germany
The Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Wales, England, has donated more money for the project
Terese Oloffson, Sweden
Camilla Fors, Sweden
Maria Lindgren, Sweden
Katinka Klockljung, Sweden
Viktoria Olsson, Sweden
Raffles - NSSC Møre & Romsdal, Norway
Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club, Scotland

There is enough room for everybody to be mentioned here!
If you have donated, but don't want your name mentioned
on this page, please
let us know.


If we can't raise enough to start the research,
we will return the money to all those who have donated.

The Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club has two account numbers for the PRA-project
in the Norwegian Bank (DnB), where money can be sent:
Account number in Norway: 5010.05.65517
Address for bank transfer from abroad:
The PRA-Project, Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Club
Den Norske Bank, Farmannsgaten 2, N-1600 Fredrikstad, Norway
Account number: 5010.05.65517 - Swift-address: DNB ANO KK FRE

  Account number in Sweden:
Postal transfer account: pg 127 08 84-8

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